Journey as a blogger
Journey as a blogger 

My main purpose of journey as a blogger is not to create my own identity but to share my experience. When starting a blog I had no experience in the field of computers. But when I learned about blogging, I felt that this is a very good platform, where every person can fulfil his purpose and dream. By the way, I used to read different types of posts on social media on the internet every day.,But I did not know that any common man can write posts on the internet. Then I started trying to learn about blogging every day and slowly became aware of it. Today with this post I am starting my journey as a blogger. 

Why started a blog? 

The main purpose of starting a blog is to help the students who are involved in the day and night effort for the government job. Millions of young men and women are engaged in efforts for government jobs. But due to lack of experience in the right direction, they have to spend more time and money, so through my experiences, I am trying to explain the process to get the job easily. 
         When I was looking for a government job, I had to face many challenges but to save other students from these troubles I used to help selfish students without opening a coaching centre. When he got in the job, due to lack of time, his institute had to be closed and moved away from its objectives. Then information about blogging was obtained through social media. I also got information that every person can start blogging based on his skill. Then I stepped into the blog world seeing my objectives. 

    I will try to write better posts in the coming days so that students can get maximum benefit. Hopefully, I will be able to succeed in my objectives. 
                                                      Thank you.  

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