Everyone has a desire to know about the highest mountain in the world because mountains have been the most attractive place from the beginning. Mountains are important for balancing other topography on the earth. It is also important for an exam point of view. In this post, you can know about the highest mountain, the largest mountain in the world and the type of mountains and more informative facts.

Top 10 Highest Mountain in the w0rld and their types

Let's start with the obvious question: what is the mountain and how many types of mountains in the world?

Mountain: Mountain building is not a single day process. It's the result of internal and external motions of the earth for hundreds of years. 
Mountain is a topography that is upward from the plain. Generally, mountains have great heights and sharp sloping surfaces. After Oceans and Continents, mountains are secondary topography on the earth.
highest mountain in the world
the highest mountain in the world

Highest Mountain in the world, Type of mountains, and their formation method.

On the basis of the construction methods, the Mountains have four types :
  1. Folded mountain
  2. Block mountain 
  3. Volcanic mountain
  4. Relict mountain 

Folded Mountain 

Folded mountains are built by Plate tectonic (New theory in Geomorphology). Due to the internal compressive force of the earth, plots turn and rise upward, called folded mountains. Sedimentary rocks are mostly found in the folded mountains.
All the Largest mountains in the world like Himalaya, Atlast, Rocky, Andes, Great dividing range are folded mountains. 
highest mountain in the world
Folded Mountain

Block Mountain

Block mountain is the result of the fault. Due to faulting some parts of plots sank down and formed a block or fault mountain.
Nilgiri (India), Horse (Germany), and Vashj Range (France) are examples. Sierra Nevada (California) is the largest block mountain in the world. 
highest mountain in the world

Volcanic Mountain

It is formed by the accumulation of substances as a result of the volcanic eruption. Aconcagua (7021m Chili, it's the highest volcanic mountain of the world), Cotopaxi (Iquedor) Kilimanjaro (Kenia), Chimborazo (Iquedor) are most examples for volcanic mountains.

highest mountain in the world

Relict Mountain

Due to erosion, mountain, plateau, or plain takes the form of a mountain is called a relict mountain.
Aravali mountain is the oldest folded mountain in India, but due to erosion, it takes a new form as a relict mountain. Satpura and Vindhya(India), Ural (Russia), and Pennine (England) are also examples of relict mountains.

highest mountain in the world

List of Highest Mountain in the world 

Hundreds of mountains are above seven thousand (7,000m) meters in the world. But the top ten highest mountains are found in only the Himalaya Range. 

Do you know? How to measure the altitude of the mountains? 
Altitude is measured from the sea level. Sea level is an average level of surface. Which are midpoints between high and low tide? Here is the list of top ten highest mountains in the world :
highest mountain in the world

Mount Everest   

Known as the highest mountain in the world which is 29035 feet (8,850 meters) high from the sea level. 
It is situated in the Himalayan range in Nepal. Mount Everest is also known as Sagarmatha in Nepal. 
Adman Hilary ( New Zealand) and Tenjin Norge (Nepal) were the first men to climb to the top peak in 1953.

Mount Everest
Mount Everest

K2 Mountain Peak

The second highest mountain in the world is K2 (also known as Gadwin Austin). It is above 2,8251 ft (8611 meters) from sea level. K2 is located in India between China and POK (Pak occupied Kashmir) border. K2 is a peak of Karakoram range which is part of Transhimalaya. Due to avalanches and storms, climbers are also called Savage Mountain. 

Gadwin Austin


Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain in India. After K2 mountain, it is the third highest mountain in the world. Which is above 2,8169 ft (8,586 meters), and located in Sikkim(India). It's also spared at the Nepal border, so you can also see from Nepal. Kanchanjunga is also a biosphere reserve of India.


The fourth highest mountain, situated in Tibet (autonomous region of China) at 27940 ft (8516 meters) above from the sea level. Lhotse ( Tibetan South peak) lies just south of Mount Everest. It's 2.5 km far from Mt. Everest. It is also known as E1, due to surveying symbol Everest1. After the autonomous region, Lhotse is the highest peak in China. 
highest mountain in the world
 the highest mountain in the world


2nd highest mountain peak of Nepal, after Mt. Everest. The altitude of Makalu is 27838 ft ( 8,445 meters) from sea level. Makalu is  Situated in Mahalangur Himalayas between Nepal and Tibet border. It is one of the most isolated peaks whose shape is all side pyramid. 
highest mountain in the world
 the highest mountain in the world

Cho Oyu 

The world's 6th highest peak, Cho Oyu is also known as Qowowuyag, Situated in Tibet between Nepal and Tibet border at 26864 ft (8,188m) above sea level. Cho Oyu is a holy mountain for Tibetan because the faith of Tibetan is associated with the form of Turquoise goddess.
highest mountain in the world
 the highest mountain in the world


The name of Dhaulagiri is derived from two Sanskrit words Dhaula (white) + Giri (Mountain), meaning 'White Mountain'. Dhaulagiri is located in west-central Nepal at 26795 ft (8,167 meters) above sea level. The snow-capped Dhaulagiri has four ( I, II, III, IV ) peaks, but The Dhaulagiri-I is the highest peak.


8th world's highest mountain Manaslu, known as the mountain of the spirit. Manaslu is located in the mansiri Himal (part of Greater Himalaya) between the West Central part of Nepal. Manaslu is above 26,781 ft (8,163 meters) from sea level. It is also called a Japanese mountain, due to the first climb by a Japanese team in 1956.

highest mountain in the world
 the highest mountain in the world

Nanga Parbat

The highest peak of western Himalaya is also called killer mountain due to the death of climbers. Nanga Parbat ( Naked Mountain) is situated in Gilgit Baltistan, North-east part of Pakistan at above 26,660 ft (8,126 meters) sea level.
highest mountain in the world
 the highest mountain in the world


10th highest mountain peak in the world, Annapurna is the most popular and diverse trekking region of North Central Nepal at above 26545 ft (8,091 meters) sea level.
highest mountain in the world
 the highest mountain in the world

List of other highest mountains above 75,000 ft.

Name of Mountains 
   (Foot & meter.) 
Gasherbrum -I (K5)
26,509 ft.
8080 m.
Gilgit - Baltistan (POK) India.
Broad Peak
26,414 ft.
8,051 m.
Gilgit - Baltistan (POK) India.
Gasherbrum -II (K4)
26,362 ft.
8,055 m.
Gilgit - Baltistan (POK) India.
Gosainath /
Shisha Pangma
26,335 ft.
8,027 m.
Tibet (China).
Ganchun Kang
26,089 ft.
7952 m.
Gasherbrum- III (K3a)
26,070 ft.
7,946 m.
Gilgit - Baltistan (POK) India.
Annapurna - II
26,040 ft.
7,937 m.
Gasherbrum - IV (K3)
26,024 ft.
7,932 m.
Gilgit - Baltistan (POK) India.
25,896 ft.
7,893 m.
Distaghil Sar
25,866 ft.
7,884 m.
Gilgit - Baltistan (POK) India.
Nagadi Chuli
25,823 ft.
7,871 m.
Khungyen Chhish
25,666 ft.
7,823 m.
Gilgit - Baltistan (POK) India.
Masherbrum (K1)
25,659 ft.
7,821 m.
Gilgit - Baltistan (POK) India.
Nanda Devi
25,643 ft.
7,816 m.
Uttarakhand (India)
Chamo Lanzo
25,604 ft.
7,804 m.
Batura Sar
25,558 ft.
7,790 m.
Gilgit - Baltistan (POK) India.

Stop! Information is not over yet. 

I would like to tell you, during the period (Pre-Cambrian, Caledonian, Hercynian, Alpine Orogeny) of mountain building the longest mountain range was formed in all continents and all have the highest peak. Here is the Tallest Mountain Range in the world and their highest peak and related Continents

Tallest Mountain Range in the world
Mountain Range in the world

Longest Mountain Range in the world and their highest peak :

Andes mountain range

Continent - South America
Highest peak - Aconcagua
Altitude - 7021 meter
Facts - the Andes is the longest mountain range in the world. It is spread from north to south approx 7000 km. 

Rocky mountain range

Continent - North America
Highest peak - Mount Elbert
Altitude - 14,440 ft (4401 meter)
Location - Colorado
Facts -
Rocky situated in the western North American continent is spread from north to south approx 4800 kilometers.

Himalaya mountain range

Continent - Asia
Highest peak - Mount Everest
Altitude - 29035ft (8,850 meter)
Location - Northern part of India
Facts -
  • Himalaya is spread between Pakistan to Myanmar approx 2500 kilometers.
  • This mountain range is divided into two parts - Trans Himalaya and Himalaya.
  • Himalaya is also divided into three groups- Greater Himalaya, Mid Himalaya, and Shivalik. Mount Everest on the Greater Himalaya.

Atlas mountain range

Continent - Africa
Highest peak - Toubkal
Altitude - 13671 ft (4167 meters)
Location- Morocco
Facts -
  • Atlas mountain range is situated in the north of Africa. 
  • Atlas is spread East to West about 2500 kilometers between Morocco to Tunisia.
  • It is derived into three groups: High Atas, Mid Atlas, and Anti Atlas.
  • Toubkal on the high Atlas is the highest peak of the Atlas range, but the highest peak of the continent is Kilimanjaro (Kenia).

Alps mountain range

Continent - Europe
Highest peak - Mont Blanc
Altitude - 15,778 ft (4809 Meter)
Location- Border of France and Italy
Facts -
  • The Alps mountain range is divided into the Western Alps and Eastern Alps, Lake Constance, and Lake Como make a boundary line between both ranges. It is spread about 1200 km in seven countries.
  • The western Alps is spread in France, Italy, and Switzerland.
  • The eastern Alps is a large and broad ridge that is spread in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and Italy.
  • The Western Alps is higher than the eastern Alps, but it is shorter and much curved. Mont Blanc also in the western Alps.

Great dividing range

Continent - Australia
Highest peak - Mount Kosciuszko
Altitude - 7,310 ft (2,288 meter)
Location - New South Wales
Facts -
  • Kosciuszko is the highest peak of Australia which is located in the Australian Alps (South part of Great Dividing Range) in New South Wales.
  • The Great Dividing Range has spread from north to south in the eastern part of Australia approx 3500 km.

Transantarctic mountain range

Continent - Antarctica
Highest peak - Mount Kirkpatrick
Altitude - 14,856 ft.(4,528 m.)
Location - Queen Alexandra range
Facts -
  • It is the longest mountain range of Antarctica, which is divided into two parts of the continent.
  • This mountain range is spread about 3,500 km from Ross sea to Weddle sea.
  •  Vinson Massif is the highest peak of Antarctica, which is located on Mount Ellsworth at above 16,066 ft (4,897 meters) from sea level.
Tallest Mountain Range in the world
This post is written from the exam point of view, but I hope that this post is informative and useful to all communities. In this, I tried to cover the top 25 highest mountains in the world and the longest mountain ranges. 
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