Due to spending a larger part of our academic life inside the examination hall, exam fear is dominated over the mind and we always think about how to make exams easy?

An examination is considered to be the best way to evaluate your ability of learning and progress. CommonlyWRITTEN and ORAL type of exams are conducted for the candidates. But students feel bored and fearful of facing both exams.

Here I'm sharing some impressive tips which I experienced during the exam preparation. It can make your exam interesting and more helpful for the students who are mostly preparing for the competitive exams.

stop exam fear
stop exam fear

Habits can make your exam easy and walk out the exam fear 

Fear of examinations is the most liable for losing your marks in the examination hall, but some easy habits can help and motivate you to get out of the exam fears.

1. Enhance your knowledge

Your knowledge can stop the fear of exams. Less knowledge is the first cause of fear in exams. If you want to escape from exam fears, you should enhance your knowledge and ability firstly.

There are many ways to increase and improve your knowledge, but self-study and group study are the most impressive ways to increase your knowledge.

  • Self-study

Self-study is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge. When you study without the help of teachers or the classroom, that is called self-study.

It should be included in your daily habits. In these technological periods, there are many ways like the internet, videos, ebooks, etc that can help you. You can increase your knowledge through self-study with the following sources.

When you start self-learning, you search various sources to collect materials for study which also makes you a researcher and it helps you to enhance your knowledge. 

Group study is another way to enhance your knowledge. The biggest advantage of the study group is that you can collect more information in less time which helps enhance your knowledge quickly.

As well as the study group provide various ideas and benefits.  Here you have a chance to increase your knowledge through the discussion with the group members. 

Groups also help to escape your hesitation, get deep knowledge of specific topics, find important questions and topics for exams. So you must join a group for the study.

2. Set practice 

It is an important thing that can escape your fear in examinations. When you practice a set of previous year question papers or model sets regularly, you can evaluate your ability and improve that.

After improvement, when you will solve your next question set you get a better experience. So you must practice a model or previous year question papers daily. It is more helpful for exams.

3. Mock Test

Mock tests are most important for students who have fears of the examination. There are two ways to attend mock tests, one is online and another is offline (classroom). You can join mock tests 

But I would like to highly recommend you to join offline mock tests because It gives you real exam hall fillings. So try to attend a weekend mock test mostly, which can help you to escape your fear during the examination.  

4. Fast reading Written habits

Commonly, many students lose so many known questions during the exams because they don't touch all the questions, which causes slow reading or writing habits.

It is the most responsible for getting fewer marks which demotivates you. Due to the demotivation and frustration, fear of the examination increases. So try to start practising fast reading and writing from today.

5. Less human error

When you write a wrong answer by mistake or exam pressure while you know the right answer for that question, it's called human error in the examination. It is common in freshers but you must try to do fewer human errors in the examination hall. Model set practice and mock tests are beneficial for it.

6. Time management

It is also an important part of the examination. according to your exam paper, when you are entered into the examination hall, you are given limited time, 

During this time period, you have to do all the exam-related work like OMR filing, solving questions and writing answers, attendance, submission, etc.

Hence you should have a good strategy for managing your time according to your exam papers. For this, you can divide it section-wise and decide how much time you spend in each section according to your interest and knowledge. 

I hope you understand the most impressive ways to lose your exam fears. If you apply all mentioned steps you can enjoy your exams without hesitation and fears.

Apart from this, you should have a good strategy to beat the exam fear. You can also apply yourself or other ways which are suitable for you.

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