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Artificial Intelligence Impacts and its Future 2020

Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that enables computers to thinking and working like humans. Commonly it is also known as AI in short.
The development of artificial intelligence has directly or indirectly affected human life in the 21st century. This technique has tried to simplify and facilitate human work to a great extent.
Due to the fast and accurate information, this technology is continuously increasing its influence all over the world. Today, artificial intelligence is being widely used in some core areas like health, education, business, financial, robots, gaming, cybersecurity, etc.
In this post, you can get general information about AI.  you can also know that what is the advantages and disadvantages of AI.
Artificial Intelligence Impacts and its Future 2020

Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a new discovery of modern technology by which human work is being simplified. This technology enables computers and machines to think and behave like humans, thereby developing the ability of machines to think and act like human brains.
In simple words, AI is the ability of machines to think and act like humans. The term Artificial Intelligence was first used in 1955 by Jon McCarthy. In current computer science, it is called machine learning or smarter agent.

How to work AI

Artificial Intelligence Impacts and its Future 2020Artificial intelligence is completely data science. When you search for any data, again and again, the data you use is collected by machine or computer, on the basis of this collected data, the machine gets to know what is your interest or what results you want.
Therefore, it works like a psychiatrist. The way psychiatrist asks you different types of questions to explain your treatment. On the basis of the answers (data) given by you, he finds out the disease and tell it the right treatment. AI also works in the same way. Image credit - Flickr.

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Examples of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Here are some of the Common and most popular examples for AI which are used in everyday life. 
  2. Next word suggestions auto while typing the keyword on the smartphone.
  3. When we type Future AI in Google or other search engines, it gets understood and gives us the Future of Artificial Intelligence result. It gives this result because others like you must have searched for it and it has been opened from various results.
  4. Using various algorithms by various e-commerce websites to display the items you have searched again and again. Or you do some searching on a website like Flipkart or amazon and come out after that do some search in google, then you will see the same add that you saw on e-commerce websites. Because all the data was stored while you searched.
  5. To inform you before the recharge date after recharge or balance transfer by various money transfer app like Google pay, Pe phone, Payment, etc.
  6. Robots are the best and most common example of AI about which almost everyone knows and you have also seen the film related to it. All these are common examples of AI.
Artificial Intelligence Impacts and its Future 2020

Advantages of AI

  • The work done by AI is less prone to errors as compared to the human's work and it is also capable of working at a fast pace with accuracy.
  • It is also capable of making rational decisions without making mistakes and thinking logically without feeling.
  • It is not affected by difficult conditions and the environment. Able to carry out hazardous tasks such as searching in space, locating and mining resources from the seafloor.
  • It can be used in difficult, harmful or boring and repetitive tasks for humans.
  • It can be used to detect fraud such as bank fraud, digital fraud or card-based fraud.
  • The use of AI can prove to be quite beneficial in the medical sectors. It can be used to detect diseases, diagnose them, warn people of health risks and analyze medical data. Robotic radio-surgery, IBM Watson and other future surgeries can be performed accurately through this.
  • AI can be used as a means of entertainment Robotic movies, video games, videos, etc. are good means of entertainment for people. Robots can joke and interact with humans just like pets and can help with human inactivity and depression.
Thus, it is becoming helpful in various fields of work. We are now using it in daily life also with extreme enthusiasm. This is a good example of setting reminders in smartphones and giving different types of information from time to time by your phone.  

Disadvantage of AI

  • This technology works better and faster than humans, thereby making it counter-human by many tasks, which will increase the unemployment rate.
  • Due to the expensive and high-tech systems, developing countries can lag behind.
  • Only those can use AI which has capital and skills, in such situations it can increase the disparity in the society and resources and capital can be centralized.
  • Due to a lack of emotional capacity in AI, it can't make decisions and analyses like humans so it can be dangerous in some cases or situations.
  • The biggest disadvantage of AI is that it does not have self-creativity.  It is capable of performing as much function as it is directed.
  • It does not have the capability of self-decision, so going into the wrong hands can lead to human destruction.  The example of which can be seen in the movie Robot.
Thus, AI has many more disadvantages, that degrade human values.  AI development is the achievement of the human brain but trending more machines can become a threat to human existence as humans will gradually become slaves and technology will dominate humans.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Impacts and its Future 2020

Currently, with the increasing influence of AI, a new revolution is being considered in the future.  Due to its successful use in various fields, today big companies are using it for their field of work such as case study, data correction, data accumulation, data analysis, etc.

Due to new use in technology, there is a greater possibility of increasing the use of technology like AI in areas of low skills.  Due to which the possibility of employment in the new sector will also increase.

Due to the fair work of AI, it can be used in tasks like screening, grading, interview, etc in the coming days. Currently, around 20% of the work is also being used in the world, especially in developed countries.

The importance of AI in searching and exploiting resources from space research and inaccessible areas is increasing, due to which such work will depend entirely on it in the future.

The importance of AI is also increasing in space research, searching and exploiting resources from inaccessible areas.
Due to the above type of work will totally be depended on AI in the future. mostly used Artificial Intelligence will be many differences fields in the future such as agriculture, health, education, cybersecurity. It is also showing that it will be covered about 75% of the work area in the future.

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77 Most Important Environmental Questions for Exams

Environmental questions are important for all competitive exams. When we look at the previous year's question papers of any exam, we find that 5 to 10 questions are related to the environment in the paper. 
In such an examination, questions of the environment play a vital role, mostly in general studies. Examinations like UPSC, BPSC UPPSC, SSC, Railway, etc. contain questions related to environment.
This post covers such objective types questions which are compulsorily included in some of the other exams. 

There are several major sectors of environment and ecology from which questions are asked in the exam. Here is a list of some important topics or sectors from which questions are often made in all the exams.
1. Ecology
2. Ecosystem
4. Food chain 
5. Biome 
7. Bio Reserve 
8. Red data book
9. Global warming and GreenHouse  
10. Climate change
11. Ozone degradation
12. Pollution
13. Botanical world/forest
14. Animal world
15. Environmental Protection submit 

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Environmental Questions and answers for all exams

The study of the relationship between the environment and the living community is called.
Who has first attempted to study Ecology?
Ernst Hackel
Who has first introduced the word Ecosystem?
A.G. Tansley
In which year the term Ecosystem was used first?
Which are the two components of Ecology?
Biotic and Abiotic
The transitional zone between two Ecosystems is called?
Which are the two parts of the Ecosystem-based on habitat?
Terrestrial and Aquatic
Still, freshwater Ecosystem is called?
Moving freshwater Ecosystem is called?
The functional role of an organism in the Ecosystem is called?
The biotic components in the ecosystem which make their own food are called?
The sustainable biotic group in the Ecosystem is called?
Ecotone (contagion)
When the number of one species in an area exceeds another community, is called?

Edge Effect
In which region of the world has the most complex Ecosystem?
Equatorial Regions
The most stable Ecosystem is?
Who has first used the word Biodiversity?
E.A.Nors (1980)
Which is the richest area of  ​​Biodiversity?
Tropical rainforest
Which region is known as the storehouse of Biodiversity?
Tropical rainforest
Which region has the highest productivity in the Aquatic Ecosystem?
Tidal river Region
 Environmental Questions
A low productivity area in the deep sea region is called?
Bio Desert
Which area has the largest terrestrial life?
Savanna Region
How many percentage of the world occupied by the savanna region?
Herbivores animals are also called?
Primary consumer
The first nutritional order includes.
Green Plants

The percentage of energy transformation from one nutritional order to another nutritional order in a food chain.

Who is the Scavenger of Nature?
the region which is prosperous in Biodiversity but the habitat destruction prone area is called?
Hot spot
How many hot spots are recognized in the world?
Nearly 30
How many hotspot regions in India?


Which region is declared the first hot spot in India?
Western Ghats (Nilgiris region)
Oceanic sensitive zone is called-
Hope spot
Contribution of India in global biodiversity is
In which region of India biodiversity is mostly found?
Silent Valley (Kerala)
Which gas is more responsible for global warming
Carbon dioxide
Which gases are more responsible for the Greenhouse effect?
Which summit is known as the Greenhouse summit?
Kyoto protocol
Montreal agreement is related to?
ozone protection
The ozone layer is situated in?
Stratosphere (20-35Km)
Who has discovered the Ozone hole?
Forman (1985)
Which gas is the main cause of ozone depletion?
What is the main source of CFC gas? 
In which region ozone hole is maximum expanded?
Over Antarctica.
The Ramasar treaty is related to?

River pollution level is measured?
BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) 
List of endangered creatures and plants is published?
In Red Data Book 
All organic matter present in an ecosystem is called?
Acid rain occurs when the atmosphere is heavily polluted with?
SO2 & NO2
What should be the intensity of sound is permitted regarding as the safe noise level for a city?
Where was the Ramasar treaty held?
Which region is called the lungs of the world?
Amazon Basin

Environmental Questions for quiz

In student life, we always participate in Quiz contest related to Environment. Such opportunities sometimes come up suddenly and we think hopefully that we could remember some questions related to the environment, that could I win the front. So here are some related questions and their answers are given below.

In which field is the Global 500 award presented?
To protect the environment


 What do you mean by EcoMark?
Environmental friendly
What is the reason for the yellowness of the Taj Mahal?
Acid rain
Stone cancer is related to?
Taj Mahal Erosion
Where is the Himalayan National Park, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO?
Himachal Pradesh
In which year the Environmental Protection Act was passed in India?
Which international organization publishes the Red data book?
When the Project Tiger was launched?
Which is the first national park in India?
Jim Corbett National Park
Where is Jim Corbett National Park located?
The only national park in India is a wild donkey found?
Gir (Gujarat)
Where is the Nanda Devi Bio-Reserve Area located?
Which tree is considered the terrorist of the ecology?
According to the National Forest Policy, on what percentage of land is it mandatory to have forest?
According to the National Forest Policy, which physical regions should have more quantity of forests?
Mountainous region
Where is the National Environmental Research Center located?
What causes Minamata disease?
Who is India's first biosphere reserve?
Nilgiri Region 1986
International Biodiversity Day is celebrated on which date?
22 May
Which international organization declares the protected areas of the biosphere?
 Environmental Questions

Questions for World Environment Day 

Environment day celebrated around the world. So its related questions are important for any competitive exams or quiz. For the protection and awareness of the environment, common people should also know about the Environment day.
On which date is World Environment Day celebrated?
5 June
When was World Environment Day celebrated for the first time?
5 June 1974
In which conference, June 5 was announced to be celebrated as Environment Day?
Stockholm Conference 
When was the Stockholm conference held?
Where was the first earth summit held?
Rio-de-Janeiro ( Brazil )
When was the first earth summit organized?
When is International Earth Day celebrated?
22 April

All the above environmental questions are very essential from the exam or quiz point of view. All the questions given here are selected, Who is asked somewhere every time. If you remember all these questions and their answers, then you may be able to solve the environment-related questions. If there is any suggestion or question related to this, you may comment in the comment box.