Environmental questions are important for all competitive exams,  as well as social and environmental awareness. When you will carefully observe the previous year's questions papers of any exam, you find their 5 to 10 questions are related to environmental science. 

In such examinations like UPSC, BPSC, UPPSC, SSC, Railway, etc, questions related to the environment play a vital role, mostly in general studies sections. 

In this post, you will get 100  important Environmental questions and answers. All these questions are repeated again and again in various competitive examinations. You can also download the pdf file with the download link given below.

Environmental Questions and answers
 Environmental Questions

Environmental Questions and answers for all exams and Quizzes

Learn carefully these 100 plus important questions which are frequently asked in competitive exams and Environmental Quizzes.

1. The study of the relationship between the environment and the living communities is called?

Answer - Ecology

2. Who was the first to study Ecology?

Answer - Ernst Hackel

3. Who introduced firstly the Ecosystem word?

Answer - A.G. Tansley

4. In which year the term Ecosystem was used first?

Answer - 1935

5. Which are the two components of Ecology?

Answer - Biotic and Abiotic

6. The transitional zones between two Ecosystems are called?

Answer - Ecotone

7. Which are the two parts of the Ecosystem-based on habitat?

Answer - Terrestrial and Aquatic

8. The still freshwater Ecosystem is called?

Answer - Lentic

9. Moving freshwater Ecosystem is called?

Answer - Lotic

10. The functional role of an organism in the Ecosystem is called?

Answer - Niche

11. The biotic components in the ecosystem which make their food self are called?

Answer - Producer

12. The sustainable biotic group in the Ecosystem is called?

Answer - Ecotone (contagion)

13. When the number of one species in an area exceeds other communities are called?

Answer - Edge Effect

14. In which region of the world has the most complex Ecosystem?

Answer - Equatorial Region

15. Where are the most stable Ecosystems found?

Answer - Ocean

16. Who used the word Biodiversity firstly?

Answer - E.A.Nors (1980)

17. Which one is the richest area of ​​Biodiversity?

Answer - Tropical rainforest

18. Which region is known as the storehouse of Biodiversity?

Answer - Tropical rainforest

19. Which region has the highest productivity in the Aquatic Ecosystem?

Answer - Tidal river Region

20. The low productivity in the deep sea region is called?

Answer - Bio Desert

21. Which area has the largest terrestrial life?

Answer - Savanna Region

22. How many percentages of the world is occupied by the savanna region?

Answer - 24%

23. Herbivores animals are also called?

Answer - Primary consumer

24. The first nutritional order includes.

Answer - Plants

25. What is the percentage of energy transformation from one nutritional order to another nutritional order in a food chain system?

Answer - 10%

26. Who is the scavenger of Nature?

Answer - Decomposer

27. The region which is prosperous in biodiversity but their habitat is on the edge of destruction, is called?

Answer - Hotspots

28. How many hotspots are recognized in the world?

Answer - Nearly 30

29. How many hotspot regions in India?

Answer - 4 Hotspots

30. Which region is declared as the first Hotspot in India?

Answer - Western Ghats (Nilgiris region)

31. An oceanic sensitive zone is called?

Answer - Hope spot

32. What is the percentage of India's contributions to global biodiversity?

Answer - 8%

33. In which region of India biodiversity is mostly found?

Answer - Silent Valley (Kerala)

34. Which gas is most responsible for global warming?

Answer - Carbon dioxide

35. Which gases are responsible for the Greenhouse effect?

Answer - CO2, CH4, N2O, CFC

36. Which summit is known as the Greenhouse summit?

Answer - Kyoto Protocol

37. Montreal agreement (1987) is related to?

Answer - Ozone protection

38. In which sphere of atmosphere the Ozone layer is situated?

Answer - Stratosphere (20-35Km)

39. Who discovered the Ozone hole firstly?

Answer - Forman (1985)

40. Which gas is the most effective for Ozone depletion?

Answer - CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon)

41. What is the main source of CFC gas?

 Answer - Refrigerators

42. In which region does the ozone hole is maximum expanded?

Answer - Over Antarctica.

43. The Ramasar treaty is related to?

Answer - wetlands protection


44. River pollution level is measured by?

Answer - BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) 

45. List of endangered creatures and plants is published?

Answer - In Red Data Book 

46. What is the total organic matter present in an ecosystem called?

Answer - Biomass

47. Which chemical is responsible for Acid rain?

Answer - SO2 & NO2

48. What should be the intensity of sound permitted regarding the safe noise level for a city?

Answer - 45db

49. Where was the Ramasar treaty held?

Answer - Iran

50. Which region is called the lungs of the world?

Answer - Amazon Basin

51. How many Biospheres Reserves in India?

Answer - 18 Biospheres

52. Which one was the first Biosphere Reserve in India?

Answer - Nilgiri Biosphere

53. Which was the first biosphere of India that was included in the UNESCO World Network?

Answer - Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

54. Which is the latest biosphere reserve of India included by UNESCO in the world network?

Answer - Kanchenjunga

55. How many of India's biosphere reserves are included in the UNESCO World network?

Answer - 11 biosphere reserves of India

56. Which Indian river is known as the Green Soup?

Answer - Yamuna River is known as the Green soup between Delhi to Agra due to Pollution.

57. Which River is called Coal carrying river?

Answer - Rhine River

58. Which country is called Country of Lakes?

Answer - Finland

59. What are the main objectives of the Kyoto Protocol (1997) agreement?

Answer - Control of Greenhouse gases and Global Warming

60. In which summit 'Agenda-21' was passed?

Answer - First Earth Summit 1992. 

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Environmental Questions for quiz

Due to environmental degradations nowadays environmental awareness has increased in society. Increasing awareness in society and students, sometimes Environmental quizzes are also organized in schools, colleges. So if you are participating in this type of quiz competition, you should remember these environmental questions and answer, which are given below.

61. In which field is the Global 500 award presented?

Answer - To protect the environment

62. What do you mean by EcoMark?

Answer - Environmental friendly

63. What is the reason for the yellowness of the Taj Mahal?

Answer - Acid rain

64. Stone cancer is related to?

Answer -  Taj Mahal Erosion

65. Where is the Himalayan National Park, which was declared a World Heritage Sites by UNESCO?

Answer - Himachal Pradesh

66. In which year the Environmental Protection Act was passed in India?

Answer - 1986

67. Which international organization publishes Red data books?

Answer - IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)

68. When did Project Tiger was launched?

Answer - 1973

69. Which was the first national park of India?

Answer - Jim Corbett National Park

70. Where is Jim Corbett National Park located?

Answer - Uttarakhand

71. The only national park in India, where wild donkeys are found?

Answer - Gir National Park (Gujarat). It is also famous for Lions.

72. Where is the Nanda Devi Bio-Reserve located?

Answer - Uttarakhand

73. Which tree is considered the terrorist of ecology?

Answer - Eucalyptus

74. According to the National Forest Policy, what should be the mandatory percentage of land use for forests in the country?

Answer - 33%

75. According to the National Forest Policy, which physical regions should have more quantity of forests?

Answer - Mountainous region

76. Where is the National Environmental Research Center of India located?

Answer - Nagpur

77. What is the cause of Minamata disease?

Answer - Mercury

78. What percentage of solar energy coming into the Biosphere is utilized in photosynthesis?

Answer - Less than 1%

79. International Biodiversity Day is celebrated on?

Answer - 22 May

80. Which international organization declares the protected areas of the biosphere?

Answer - UNESCO

81. Coral bleaching is the course of?

Answer - Global Warming

82. Eutrophication is related to?

Answer - Water Pollutions

83. Which river of India is known as the bio desert due to more Pollution?

Answer - Damodar River

84. What is called the high temperature in the town centre?

Answer - Heat Island

85. In which climate situations Laterite soil is developed?

Answer - Warm and Humid Climate

86. What is the percentage of India's forest cover?

Answer - 24.57%

87. Which chemical is used for artificial rains?

Answer - Silver Iodide

88. When did the Gangs Action Plans Phase -1  started in India?

Answer - 14 June 1986

89. Which the state of India covered the highest forest areas?

Answer - Madhya Pradesh

90. Which state of India has the highest forest percentage?

Answer - Mizoram (85.4%)

Questions for World Environment Day 

Environment day celebrated around the world. So its related questions are important for any competitive exams or quiz. For the protection and awareness of the environment, people should also know about Environment day.

91. On which date is World Environment Day celebrated?

Answer - 5 June

92. When did World Environment Day celebrate first?

Answer - 5 June 1974

93. In which conference, June 5 was announced to be celebrated as Environment Day?

Answer - Stockholm Conference 1972

94. What was the first theme of Environment Day?

Answer - "Only one Earth"

96. Who was the host country of Environment Day 2021?

Answer - Pakistan

97. What is the theme of Environment Day 2021?

Answer - "Ecosystem restoration"

98. What was the theme of World Environment Day 2020?

Answer - "Time for nature"

99. Where was celebrated World Environment Day of 2020?

Answer - Columbia (with the partnership of Germany)

100. When did India become the first host country for World Environment Day?

Answer - 2011( Slogan:- Forests; Nature at your Service)

101. What was the theme of World Environment Day 2018, which was celebrated in India?

Answer - Beat Plastic Pollution

102. Who announces themes of World Environmental Day celebration?

Answer - United Nations

103. After which year,  Environment Day is celebrated in different countries rotating wise?

Answer - 1987

104. Under which program Environment Day is celebrated across the world?

Answer - United Nations Environmental Programs (UNEP)

105. What are the main objectives of the celebration of Environment Day?

Answer - Raising public awareness to save the environment.

106. When was the Stockholm conference held?

Answer - 1972

107. Where was the first earth summit held?

Answer - Rio-de-Janeiro (Brazil)

108. When was the first earth summit organized?

Answer - 1992

109. When does International Earth Day celebrate?

Answer - 22 April

110. Which types of disaster are almost possible in dam areas?

Answer - Earthquake

111. What is the main cause of soil degradation in irrigated areas?

Answer - Gully erosion

112. Which gas absorbs Ultraviolet rays in the Atmosphere?

Answer - Ozone

113. Nairobi Convention is related to which subjects?

Answer - Marine and Coastal Environment of the Western Indian Ocean

114. Which types of forest occupies the largest area in India?

Answer - Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest

115. In which country Prairies temperate grassland is found?

Answer - U.S.A

Environmental Questions
 Environmental Questions

Important Environmental Topics for Questions

There are several major sections of environment and ecology from which questions are asked in the exam. Here is a list of some important topics or sections, from which questions often arise in all the exams. You should also read it separately to solve environmental questions.

1. Ecology

2. Ecosystem

3. Biodiversity 

4. Food chain 

5. Biome 

6. wetlands

7. Pollution

8. Red data book

9. Global warming and Greenhouse  

10. Climate change

11. Ozone degradation

12. Biosphere Reserve 

13. Botanical world/forest

14. Animals of the world

15. Environmental Protection Summits 

100 Environmental Questions and Answers pdf

All the above environmental questions are most important for the competitive exams or quiz point of view. All the questions given here are selected from various sources with my teaching experience, which is frequently asked in various competitive exams.

If you memorize all these environmental questions and answers, I hope that you may be able to solve the environment-related questions in the examinations. If there is any suggestion or question related to this, you may comment in the comment box. 

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