If you want to enhance your general knowledge of the Indian polity and the constitution of India, this  Indian polity MCQ pdf file would be more helpful and valuable for you.

Indian polity and the constitution of India is an important part of general studies for various competitive exams. Mostly those exams where the general studies paper is an important part as well as play a vital role.

Exams like UPSC, State PCS, Railway, SSC, and other competitive exams mostly include questions related to the Indian polity. So, in this post, I shared some selected and most important MCQ for the Indian polity and the Constitution.


Best Collections Of The Indian Polity MCQ PDF For Competitive Exams 

All these are the selected objective questions on the Indian polity and the constitution that are frequently asked in various examinations. In this file, we are going to share section/chapter wise important MCQ. You can download the Indian polity MCQ pdf file easily with the given link below.


Important Sections Of The Indian Polity That Covered In This PDF File

1. Important Articles of Indian Constitution

2. Evolution of Indian Constitution

3. Constituent Assembly

4. Different sources of the Indian Constitution

5. Schedules of Indian Constitution

6. Special Features of the Indian Constitution

7. The Preamble of the constitution

8. The Union and its Territories

9. Fundamental Rights

10. Directive Principles of State Policy

11. Fundamental Duties

12. The Parliament

13. Lok Sabha

14. The President of India

15. The Vice President of India

16. Rajya Sabha

17. Judiciary

18. Panchayati Raj

19. The Election Commission

20. Important Amendment

Best Polity MCQ Book for You

Sample Questions Of Indian Polity As A MCQs

1. Which one of the following can Promulgate Ordinances during the recess of the Parliament?

(a). Attorney General of India

(b). The President of India

(c). The Prime Minister

(d). Chief Justice of Supreme Court

2. Who among the following is able to be ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

(a). The Vice-President

(b). A senior member of Rajya Sabha

(c). Elected by the Rajya Sabha

(d). Nominated by the President

3. Under which of the Constitutional Amendment four languages Bodo, Dongri, Maithili and Santhali have been included in the 8th Schedule?

(a). 84th Amendment 2001

(b). 86th Amendment 2002

(c). 91st Amendment 2003

(d). 92nd Amendment 2003

4. The President of India can impose Financial Emergency in the Country under the Article_

(a). Article 352

(b). Article 356

(c). Article 358

(d). Article 360

5. Which one of the following parts in the Constitution has described the Election Commission?

(a). Part- 12

(b). Part- 15

(c). Part- 18

(d). Part- 20

Answer - 1. b  2. a 3. d  4. d 5. b

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This important Indian Polity MCQ pdf file has been mostly prepared with hard work for students who are preparing for competitive exams. In this file so many questions are also included which have already been asked in various Examinations. All questions may play a decisive role in your exams, so you must read them once, as well as share them with your friends to help each other.

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