How to prepare for Railway Exams for success.

RRB NTPC, RRB Group-D, JE, ALP, and more posts available in Indian Railway. [Railway] is one of the largest areas for arranging "government jobs" in India, because Indian Railways is the world's second-largest transport network. There are approximately three lakh employees in this area. If you also want to get Sarkari Naukri with passing the Sarkari examination and get RRB results, then you can provide an excellent opportunity to prepare for the railway.

Post in Railway

     There are two types of Sarkari Naukri available for people in Indian Railways: -
For the technical field & general field

In these two types of jobs, the posts of four groups have been included:-

The examination of Group A is organized by UPSC, in which there are some posts like the post of Indian Railway Service and Engineering services. The other B, C, D Group's exam is organized by Railway recruitment boards(RRBs).

Under the technical field, there are several types of Sarkari Naukri available for people in Indian Railways for which you must have some professional degrees (I. T. I, Engineering, Safety Management). You can find the following job under which the list is given below: -

1 Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP)
2. technician
3. Commercial Apprentice (CA)
4 junior engineer
5.Food safety & other safety management jobs etc.

There is also a lot of Sarkari Naukri under common area for which technical digress is not required. Still, it is mandatory for you to have a degree of 10 + 2 / Graduate in general, and for some posts, physical fitness/tying etc. is also compulsory.

You can find the following job & eligibility under which the list is given below: -
1.Stenographer (10 + 2 / Graduate, typing)
2 Teaching (graduate / P.G + B.ed)
3. Assistant Station Master (ASM)
4.Goods Gard(grgradua)
6.CC(Commercial Clark) 7.TRAFFIC ASSISTANT

8.Forth gred job(group D)   etc.

Now, after the above information, what is the problem to get these posts? Or How can I pass the exam? So there are some common procedures for which you can follow which are given below:

1.Job Selection -

First of all, to ensure that you need a job in which group of the railway you want, you should try to choose your position according to your qualifications and interest.

2. Syllabus information -

After the selection of the groups/post, you can obtain the syllabus for that term. For Syllabus, you can visit the website of Railway or any other sites like Sarkari

The current syllabus has been changed and now is the online exam. Now the question pattern is different from the past, now you have to need more attention to science and current affairs in the GS section because the question ratio has been reduced by the Arts faculty. About 50 questions are fixed by Maths and reasoning, so it is essential to have a hold on it.

3. After the syllabus information -

You will also see the syllabus of some other posts, you will see that there is also some common syllabus in other positions like Maths, Reasoning, GS, current affairs. But some technical field information is also asked in technical terms. Now it will happen that it becomes a catch on the common part of the syllabus so you can apply for the second term too.

4. Selection of Board -

Before applying the form, you should try to know which board is the question pattern and how much less /more is cut-off.

5. The correct selection of books -

If you want to see yourself in the government job position in the railway then you need to select the right books, then I will tell you some main books with the help of which you can get less time in the Railway examination Can pass.

Important books for the Railway Examination -

1. Speedy publication -

The books of this publication prove to be very helpful for Railway exams. You have to take Speedy questions bank, railway general knowledge and science books.

2 Lucent General Knowledge-

If you are preparing for the RRB NTPC, RRB Group-D and other Railway exams, then you should have this book. This book is a helpful book for Railway or other reviews, in which compilations of one-liner GK are more and better. Read this book repeatedly and keep a book with its purpose in which chapter wise objective question is given. Do not remember the GS, only reread it and perform on the set. For more information on GS, you can study NCERT's Text Books 6 to 12, but read up to 10th only for science.

3.Maths [R. S. Agarwal] -

Maths are an essential subject for railway exams, but it is not necessary to do all the chapters of maths, you only have to do the same sections, so that the questions become more. For this, you take the help of question banks. If your maths are good, then you should leave this textbook and only solve Speedy questions bank.

4. Reasoning -

The Reasoning is common in railway, but it does not need to be specially prepared if your maths are good, then it is fit for you, you still need to know the type of reasoning once. For this, you must read question banks or the perfect verbal reasoning book of Ajay Chauhan.

5. Set Practice -

If you are preparing for the railway, then you must make a model set each day. For the set practice, use the question banks only, or buy a speedy model set.

6. Current affairs-

For current affairs, you can use the Pratiyogita Darpan monthly magazine, if you lack time, then you must use the speedy current affairs magazine.

             RRB NTPC, RRB GROUP-D and other Railway exams are not accessible in present time, but here is some information and methods according to the information given above, you can prepare for the Railway exams and get the success quickly.
            One thing is that to pass any exam, you need to have the passion and correct guidance.
If the information is useful, then you subscribe to write comments. If you have any questions, then you can ask by comments.


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