BPSC| How to pass BPSC Preliminary Exam in 2020 with easy methods.

Pass the BPSC PT in 2020 with the Easy Method.

BPSC is the state commission of Bihar, which conducts competitive exams for many Administrative posts of Bihar. All the examinations conducted by BPSC are tailored to fixed BSCC Syllabus, questions asked in the BPSC exams are already mentioned topics in the BPSC syllabus, and on this basis, the questions are asked in the BPSC exams.

If you are preparing for the BPSC Civil Services Examination to get government jobs and you are having difficulty in passing a preliminary examination, here you are given some reasonable path which you can follow and get results in a short time. In this post, I will tell you, How to pass the preliminary exam in - 2019 with easy methods.
BPSC Preliminary  Exam

Generally, everyone is trying to get higher posts or get good government job to aby passing Sarkari Exam easy way, but some people have a shortage of time because some people are engaged in any other work or job, If you want to prepare for BPSC, this post panacea for you and it is also important for those who want to pass the exam in a short time,
So let us now know the methods that are easy and important to pass the PT exam -

BPSC Syllabus

The Bpsc syllabus is based on NCERT Books for class Vi to xii. First, you get complete information about the PT Exam syllabus.

Know about Question patterns -

For the BPSC PT exam, it is most essential that you understand its patterns, for this you have seen previous year's questions. After the analysis, you can understand what is the level of the questions in this exam and you can also understand how many questions are asked from which part of GS.

By analyzing the question of the past few years, the results have shown that almost every question asked in the GS question in the PT exams each year, which is as follows -

History - 45 - 50Q

Geography- 20-22Q

Political Science - 15-20Q

Economy- 12-15Q

Current- 25-30Q

Maths & Reasoning- 08-10Q

Science- 15-20Q

The above data have been told that if you need more attention to pass, then here you are seeing that the number of questions in the section of history is about 45-50Q, then you will see this section Will have to do better. For this, you are asked almost all the questions from these three books, using only three important books - Lucent General Studies, Bihar Introduction (Imtiaz Ahmad), and Bihar Exam Quiker of Vivash panorama.

Now you can see the previous years questions again and understand how many questions are from the part of history, you will find that the most important questions are from ancient India and modern India. For this, you will find some topics in history like - Rig Vedic period, Magadha Empire, Mughal period, Congress, freedom struggle of Bihar and India, etc.

Current Affairs

The number of questions approximately 25-30 each year is the second-largest section, for that, you should take a Chronicle monthly magazine, if it is not available then you can take the Pratiyogita Darpan, but if you do not have the time then the most likely The way is that you take the speedy yearly which can give you good results in less time.

Others part of GS.

You only use Lucent for geography and other subjects such as science, Economics, pol.sc. , but for geography, you must keep an Atlas with you and after reading Lucent, definitely check it in Atlas. Take special care of the geography of India in geography.

If talking about Maths and Reasoning, then this section is about 10Q, which is of intermediate level. If this section is weak, then do not focus on it and focus only on the above section, I did the same, the result was good. Make what you want to be made After you can color the b or c option in others.

Do not follow more books

You do not read more books to pass the PT exam, but read the book books repeatedly, (suggested in this Article)

Learn 2-3 hours Daily

If you have to pass, you must read 2-3 hours a day. There is no need for you to read, whenever you find the time you read accordingly, but read daily. If you read daily, your continuity will remain and it will help you to remember the words you read, if there is a lack of time in the day, then you should make the questions set so that you can maintain your continuous duty.

Daily one practice set

The most important thing for the BPSC PT exam is that you create one last year's question set. For this you need IAS & PCS Question Bank of Arihant Publications.in this book you most solve question papers of Up pcs, Bihar & Jharkhand pcs. Because always 20-30 Questions are Repeated in every pcs exam.

Follow only one monthly current magazine

"Current Affairs" is a big part of the exam, so you must follow the above-mentioned magazines and methods. suggested magazines are available in all over India, offline & online.  

Study Methods

This is the biggest problem for students, What to read and how to read. There are so many topics available for you to read but it is not necessary to do all the subjects in the right way and to pass the exam in a short period of time. You only have to do the main topics, which will be explained to you later.

Now, here how to read is the main problem, you don't have to do anything special, rather you should adopt a special method, you study any subject and read for at least one week, don't read any other topic in between. If your mind starts getting bored then you should try to make a question set.
All the above information that is mentioned in this post, if you are following, you may be more chances to be successful. All these things I have shared in the classroom also and those who have followed send good feedback.


All the information I share with you based on my experience, if you have any experience then you can apply it too. If the information is good or there is any question related to the PT exam then you write in the comment box.

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