An impressive essay showing your thinking and writing skills. Essay for world environment day is a most important topic for various exams and environmental awareness programs.


On the occasion of World Environment Day, different kinds of environmental awareness programs are organized by various leading authorities.


Also, various activities are organised in schools and colleges to make it more effective. Activities like quiz competition, speech, poster competition, essay writing, etc help to promote awareness among people.


In which this shared unique essay on environment day may be more valuable for those who participated in environmental awareness programs.

essay for world environment day
Essay For World Environment Day


Short Essay For World Environment Day For Quiz Competitions And Exams


5th June is a day of the celebration of World Environment Day, which is celebrated by 143 plus countries across the world. On the occasion of Environment Day, many small and large environmental awareness programs are organized by the world environmental leading authority UNEP under public awareness campaigns.


Under which efforts are made to focus on all those environmental impacts which cause more harm to our environment and also share its preventive measures so that the damage can be reduced.


Why environment day celebrated across the world


There are many important national and international days celebrated across the country and the world. Environment day is also an International Day which is celebrated on 5th June to save our environment.


When someone's existence is in danger, protecting and conserving them with the help of public awareness is the main reason behind the celebrations of any day.


Increasing pollution and tampering with nature has damaged the environment, due to which many environmental issues are occurring, due to which the condition of life on earth is becoming a difficulty.


A brief history about world environment day


Because of the environmental destruction being done in the world and their impact, Environment Day was initiated in 1972 in Stockholm's ten-day meeting (5 to 16 June) to increase awareness related to the environment among the people or society.


Even though environment day celebrations have been held regularly since 1974, across the world. But the idea for rotating the centre of the celebration of these environmental activities through selecting different host countries began in 1987.


Importance And Impact Of Environment On Planet Earth


The environment is one of the basic components of life on earth.  All the things around us that affect our lives, we call it the environment.  Naturally, air, forest, soil and water are the basic elements of the environment that have a direct connection with life.


But the increasing physical luxuries have increased various types of environmental pollution which have directly influenced our environment.  Environmental damage has affected human life as well as other organisms.  Due to which many animals and plants have become extinct today and many are on the verge of extinction. Therefore environmental preservation is one of the burning issues today.


To encourage awareness of the environment and environmental problems, World Environment Day is celebrated with a new theme every year, which is recommended by the UN (United Nations). This year 2021 Pakistan became the host country and the theme of Environment Day is "Ecosystem Restoration".


An ecosystem is a community of living organisms and nonliving components which combine and interact as a system in their environment in specific geographical areas.


But pollution, illegal exploitation of resources and temptation with nature have damaged the environment and imbalanced our ecosystem.


Due to harassment of the environment, various environmental issues like Climate change, Global warming, Disasters, Ozone depletion, Greenhouses effect, etc are increasing.


Hence, Under the themes of Ecosystem Restoration, it's trying to fulfill the damage of our ecosystem. The UN announced ecosystem restoration decades 2021-30 for this through the plantation and other activities.




The condition of our environment is declining day by day because of pollution and various human activities. We should promote eco-friendly development in our country to save the environment for future use.


Individuals can also contribute by planting trees, saving water, less use of electricity, saving wildlife, etc. We live on the Earth, so Earth is our first home, it's our responsibility to keep it clean and green.

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