This post is related to the growing unemployment in India. Through this post, it has been tried to tell why despite the constant economic growth in India, there has not been created employment.

There is an excess of working population in less developed countries, but due to lack of employment opportunities, a large number of unemployed are found. This post has tried to explain it, Along with this, you have been exposed to the type of unemployment in this post.

India has consistently increased the economic growth rate for several decades, but the rate of unemployment has not been reduced, and the reason has been tried to explain it further.


What is Unemployment: -

In general, if a person does not get work according to his / her ability, then he is called unemployment as if a person has five hours of work capacity and only gets three or four hours work, or a person If you have to work less than qualifications, then it has also been included in unemployment.

Unemployment benefits-

Unemployment benefits (also called unemployment allowance/compensation) are unemployed people paid by the government or authorized bodies. In India or many other countries, benefits are funded by a compulsory government insurance system. Depending on the status of the jurisdiction and the income of the individual, those amounts can be reduced, which only meet the basic needs, or can compensate for the lost time in proportion to the previous salary earned.

The benefits of unemployment are usually given to those who register only as unemployed, and often on conditions to ensure that they seek work and do not currently employ, and in most states, as a reason Are due to not being prescribed, which are borne by the government for a certain time limit. At present, employment opportunities are given by the government or self-help group by providing loans to the Morogoro business.

Types of unemployment:-

1. Constructive unemployment -

Due to the backwardness of the economy when employment opportunities are low, then it is called structural unemployment. This type of unemployment is highest in India.

2. Disguised/hidden unemployment -

This type of unemployment is more common in the agriculture-oriented country, due to low employment, more people are required than in the same work, which means the production of three or four people Together produce the same.

3. Under -Employment -

This is the situation in which the worker gets less work than needed and capacity.

4. Open unemployment -

I spite of having the desire and ability to work when no work is available to the worker, it is called open unemployment.

5. Seasonal unemployment -

This type of unemployment is found in agriculture-related sectors, termination of employment opportunities in certain months or months of the year is known as seasonal unemployment.

After the sowing or harvesting in agriculture, employment opportunities are ended. For this reason, people also migrate to the cities, thereby increasing the urban population.

6. Cyclical unemployment-

The recession of workers during the "economic downturn" is called cyclical unemployment; again they get the job when the economy grows. This type of unemployment is highest in developed countries.

7. Technical unemployment -

When new technology is used in the industry by removing the old technique and then the old workers who do not conform to the new technology are removed and they become unemployed, this is called technical unemployment.

8. Educated unemployment -

Not getting work on the basis of merit, i.e. working less than qualification is called educated unemployment like getting lower-level work even after getting a high qualification. This type of unemployment is more common in countries with a high population.


Four main Reason for unemployment: -

In general, employment in any field is affected by social, economic, political and physical taxes, which we now know in detail -

Social factors -

Social factors have an important role to play in the cause of unemployment; Culture and religion are also included under social factors.

Many cultures and religions are prohibited from doing many types of jobs, such as in the Jain community, agricultural activities are forbidden, there are many cultures where certain types of employment are forbidden (tribal culture).

In such a situation, where there is no employment-related to them, unemployment is increased in that area. Social Folk - Laj is also the main reason for unemployment.

Apart from this, there is another reason that is in certain areas and it is government jobs in some areas like the Indian government in the North Indian region. In these areas, people continue to work for government jobs, they are well prepared, but in government jobs, the seats are limited, which is not able to provide employment to so many people, and finally, being surrounded by social rigidity Become unemployed.

Economical factors -

It is necessary for a country or region to become financially strong in terms of employment when there is a capital, there is an investment, which enables the industry to operate and generate employment, but many large countries whose population The rate of unemployment in Tibir is very large and the economy is getting weak.

During the economic downturn, when companies are losing profits, unemployment increases due to the process of reducing the employee.

political (government)

Unemployment and political (government) relations are becoming more and deeper in the present time,
Not being able to generate Government's employment, not being implemented properly, schemes like leakage, corruption, etc. are political factors that have increased unemployment rates.

Physical structure -

The physical feature of an area is also one of the taxis affecting employment. On the basis of physical structure, there are make more situations. The physical structures are created unemployment in that area, where is a mountain, then it is difficult to invest there, thereby lacking employment,

but in some areas where mineral resources are high, the possibility of employment increases But it is necessary to be technically strong, otherwise we can not increase the employment even while processing. This comes out of one thing and the fact that there is regional variation in employment due to the uneven distribution of resources and regional texture.

Decrease your unemployment

Apart from all this, there is a fact and it is the lack of skill development in the people according to the current demand, if you do not meet the demand of the present time then you may have to face the problem of unemployment, so if you want employment According to the current demand, you have skill development.


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