There are so many government jobs in India that attract people due to their own superiority. Largely younger generations have a craze for government jobs in India because they want to fully settle in life after getting the job.

India is a mixed economy Country, where private and public sectors are present to do the work. Due to which there is a great opportunity for jobs in the government sector as well as private sectors.

Due to more pressure of the population and the limited number of seats available in the government sectors, jobs are hard to get but not difficult in this sector.

We all know that only 2 % of the Indian population can do government jobs as per the available posts in state and central government sectors. Yet the people have an obsession to choose a job in govt sectors, the reasons for which are described below.  

government jobs in India
Government jobs in India

Reasons to choose a government job in India 

Government jobs are the first choice of people, the main reason is that there are some features available in this, that can not be obtained in a private job or business.

  1. Prestige in Society

  2. Job Security

  3. Good Salary and On-time Payment

  4. Other Allowance

  5. Provision of Equality 

  6. Big Chances to Show Skills

  7. Low Work Pressure

  8. Leave Facilities

  9. Health Security

  10.  Limited Time for Work

  11. Survive Without Extra skills

  12. Contribute for Nation

  13. On-time Promotion and Increment

  14. Life Security

  15. Not an Individual Person is Owner

1. Prestige in Society

Government jobs are considered to be the most prestigious jobs in Indian society because Indian society considers that government jobs are better than private jobs. If anybody does a job in the public sector, society also considers him a successful person.

You would have seen around you if a person joins the Police services his value increases ten times in society. So, you can think about how much social prestige will be after joining the IAS, IPS, and other Class one job.

Government jobs are also evaluated as the most prestigious job in Indian society especially in the Northern States of India. So government jobs remain the first preference of Indian people.

2. Job Security

One of the most important reasons to join government jobs is that the public sector provides job security. When you join this sector according to service rules no one can be removed from your post before retirement.

Some-time you can be suspended due to your misbehaving or other cases. But in this situation, you also get half payment for surviving with your family. After the end of the suspension, you can join again and get your full payment. Now you understand how big job security is in the government sector.

Your job is also safe in those situations when there is increased unemployment and decreased economy in the country or any other incident. While in other services you could lose your job. 

3. Good Salary and On-time payment

Government is providing a good salary to employees as compared to the private sector. I know that Some posts in the private sectors are high paying, but overall not better than government sectors i.e. a group-d government employee gets 30k to 40k per month while other sectors employees get below 10k as the same post.

The fourth and fifth economic sector jobs are high paying jobs in the government service. Like Scientists, Researchers, Administrator, etc which is also known as White-collar and Golden-collar jobs, in which Payments are unbelievable with so many amazing facilities.

One good thing also in government services, we get our salary on time without facing any problems. In some situations, we get our salary before any big festival is in that month like Holi, Durga Puja.

4. Other Allowance

Apart from salary, there are many types of allowance are provided in government sectors like Dearness allowance (DA), HRA ( Housing Rent Allowance), Medical Allowance, EL (Earn Live), Transporting Allowance (TA), etc.

In the Central Government job employees have one more allowance that is Children study found. In which the government provided the study fee for your two sons or daughter.

Here is one more facility, you can get loans from any providers during the service period easily on the basis of your salary values.

5. Provision of Equality

It is the biggest facility in the overall public sector jobs. The welfare Government provides equal opportunity for all citizens of India. Means he does not differentiate between the female or disable and general employees. 

In government services, there is a provision for the disabled and women. Thereby, they get equal opportunities and there was no frustration in them. There is no such government department where they do not have a proper existence.

While apart from the government departments there is no sector which provides this type of equality and facilities.

6. Big Chances to Show Skills

In the public sector no casteism and Nepotism. So you have a great opportunity to show your skills. Means, which have good skills and he/she is doing better than the system mostly promote him without interruptions. 

So you get a good chance to show and implement your desires. While in the private sector, your talent is influenced by nepotism, region and other reasons.

7. Low Work Pressure

You are searching for a tension-free job or you want to do a job without pressure then you should choose a government sector job. In this sector, you don't get any targets to do in the limited Time like as a Private sector.

Here you have to do Work only in the office, not at home, so after duty hours you get free. While in other jobs or business so many works before and after duty. So we can say that in the public sector work pressures are low as compared to others.

8. Leave Facilities

Leaves in the government sector are an important reason to attract people to do jobs in this sector. There are so many leaves you get in the public sector without cutting your salary like Casual leaves (CL), Medical leaves, Martility leaves (for women), etc. 

Mortality leave is one of the most attractive leaves for female employees, in which she gets 4 to 6 month leave during the pregnancy without losing her salary. In the public sector, one more left for females is special leave that she can use during the period.

Apart from this you also get some Holiday and Sunday leaves. It means you get approximately 100+ leaves in a year. Which can be utilised in your family, befriends or other important works.

9. Health Security

Today's, health Security is a major and costly thing for the general peoples. But the government job provides health security to his employees that is one of the major reasons for choosing a government job.

Along with salary and other benefits government jobs also provide health Security that is the kind of relief that can be received in government jobs if there are health and other family health problems, will not be received in the private sector.

Some public institutions have their own hospital for treatment of their employees like Railway, Defence, etc. Where you get the best treatment without paying.

10. Limited Time of Work

In the public sector, you have to do your work in a fixed time like 9 AM to 5 PM or 10 am to 4 pm. It means you have to do your work for only 5 to 6 hours. 

Which benefits are that you can do something extra after duty like you can learn new skills, prepare for other higher posts. If you are satisfied with your job then you have more time to spend with your family. Means you do something better for self or others.

11. Survive Without Extra skills

The most important reason is that the students who survive in rural areas and also belong to a poor family, whose financial condition is not good. So government jobs are a good option for them because they have less potential to do a different course like Engineering, Medical, MBA, MCA, BCA, BBA or any other specialized course.

In this condition, the government sector provides a good opportunity for them to 

be included in the mainstream without more skills.

There are many jobs available in this sector, which can be done without any technical education or skills and you can survive there easily.

12. Contribute for Nation

In Government services, you can show your skills or ideas and help in making the country a developed nation by increasing government revenue.

Thus if you want to do welfare works for the society then government jobs fulfil your desire without losing your time and money.

13. On-time Promotion and Increment

It is the most important thing, whom, everyone has desires to achieve in the service period, whatever they are working anywhere.

According to government service rules, every employee gets a promotion and their increment on time without any disturbance. While in the private sector you couldn't get your promotion without your Boss desire. So it is a common factor that attracts people to choose government jobs.

14. Life Security

Government jobs provide you with life Security after Retirement. After the end of the service, the government provides Gratuity and Pensions.

This facility gives social prestige after retirement in society and family. Which also makes you self-dependent. Due to Gratuity funds as well as pensions you can help your families. So families always pray to God for long life.

15. Not an Individual Person is Owner

In the government sector, your owner is not a single person or a group of individuals but a welfare government that protects our interests.

Here you work for the public welfare, Which is helpful for a large number of people. Here you have a good chance to know about problems in society. That can motivate you to do something for needy people.

My thoughts:

There are multiple other valuable reasons in this way that it is appropriate to accept government sector jobs.

But I don't say that private-sector jobs are not good, because so many National and Multinational Companies are also providing unexpected salary and facilities. Thus both have their own superiority. 

Government jobs are more helpful for those regions where there is a Deficiency of industries or other private jobs. Particularly in the plain regions of India where agriculture is the primary business.

Government jobs are also public welfare work, where you should not aspect more money because the government already provides a good salary and more benefits to survive in good societies. So you should not compare to other jobs if you want to do government jobs in India.

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