The seaports of India map is more helpful for all those who are interested in sea trades and journeys. The map of seaports can be also more helpful for easily memorizing the ports and their Location as well as States.

The seaports of India on the map are also important for students who are preparing for competitive exams as well as academic examinations because some questions related to the Indian seaports are asked in various exams.

Seaports of India
Seaports of India

Seaports are the most important chapter under the Geography of India, the importance of the ports also in economics because it contributes largely to Indian economy You can know here the list of major ports, natural and tidal ports of India with maps easily.

The seaports of India map, location and Important facts

Due to the peninsula of the Southern part of India, It is the richest in the coastal region. India has 6100 km main coastal lines while the total coastal lines are about 7500 km long. In these coastal areas, there are many natural, artificial and tidal ports situated in the 9 coastal states of India, in which 13 major and about 200 Intermediate and minor ports are helping sea transportation and handle a large volume of traffic and sea trades. 

The Seaports of India Map:

Seaports of India Map
Seaports of India Map

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List of 13 Major Sea Ports of India:

  1. Mumbai - Maharashtra
  2. Kolkata - West Bengal
  3. Chennai - Tamilnadu
  4. Kochi - Kerala
  5. Visakhapatnam - Andhra Pradesh
  6. Paradip - Orissa
  7. Tuticorin - Tamilnadu
  8. Mormugao - Goa
  9. Kandla - Gujarat
  10. New Mangalore - Karnataka
  11. Nhava Sheva(JNP) - Maharashtra
  12. Ennore - Tamilnadu
  13. Port Blair - Andaman & Nicobar

1. Mumbai seaport:

It is the largest port of India which handles one-fourth of sea trades. Mumbai Port is situated on the main coast of west Maharashtra. This coast lies on the Arabian sea. Mumbai Port is also known as Bombay port trust. It is the largest container port of India which spared about 400 sq km.

Petroleum and petroleum products, cotton, machines, and other dry goods are generally exports and imports from this port. This port is also selected for cruise tourism.

2. Kolkata- Haldia port

Kolkata port is far from the sea, about 80 km. It is also known as Diamond Harbour port. It is situated in West Bengal on the bank of the Hugli river. This is a Tidal port that handles the huge amount of Ganga - Brahmaputra plane region's traffic.

Haldia is helping the port of Kolkata port which developed to control traffic of Kolkata port. It is situated on the south of the Hugli river. It is also a Tidal port that depends on the tide of the Bay of Bengal. Jute, mineral oil, Petro products, fertilizer, clothes, etc are mostly export and import from the Kolkata and Haldia ports.

3. Chennai seaport

Chennai is the third largest container port of India which is situated on the east coast of Tamilnadu state of India. It is also known as the Madras port. It is one of the oldest ports of India, after Mumbai, it is also the second-largest port of India. Petroleum products, crude oil, fertilizer, iron ores are exports and imports from this port by the route from the Bay of Bengal. 

4. Kochi seaport

It is an important natural port of South West of India, which is situated at the entrance of Vembanad Lake in Kerala. This lake is connected with the Arabian sea. Kochi is the sixth-largest port of India where petroleum products, fertilizer, raw materials, and other goods are exported and imported.

5. Visakhapatnam 

Visakhapatnam seaport is one of the deepest natural ports of India, which is situated on the eastern coast of India in Andhra Pradesh state. It is the fourth-largest port of India while one of the largest ports on the east coast of the Bay of Bengal. It has three Harbour which is working for exporting and importing. Hindustan Shipyard Limited where shipbuilding work is done is also situated in Visakhapatnam.

Iron ores and petroleum products are mostly traded from this port, for the exports of iron ores and petroleum products other harbours are developed in the out of the main port. General goods are also exported and imported from Visakhapatnam port.

6. Paradip port

Paradip is an important major port of the Bay of Bengal. It is situated on the coast of Orissa (Odisha). Export of iron ores is the main speciality of this port, but coal and other goods are also exports and imports from this port.

7. Tuticorin seaport

Tuticorin is a major port on the southern coast. It is situated in the Southeast of Tamilnadu. Now, this is also known as the V O Chidambaranar Port.

This port is famous for pearls and fisheries in ancient times. Multiple types of goods, salt, edible oils, etc are traded from this port.

8. Marmagoa port

As a view of trade, it is the 4th largest port of India. It lies on the Arabian Sea on the coast of Goa on the western coast of India. It is one of the top naturals in 13 major ports. It is located in the south of Goa which is 4 km far from Vasco-Da-Gama city. Petroleum, petro products, machinery, and a large number of iron ores are exported from Marmagoa port.

9. Kandla seaport

Kandla is a Tidal port of Gujarat that was first developed after independence. Now, this port is known as Dindayal port after changing its name. It plays a vital role for North - West states Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan. 

For the encouragement of exports, it's announced as a free trade zone and SEZ (special economic zone). Mineral oil, petroleum products, sugar, edible oils, salt, cotton, cement, fertilizer, etc are mostly traded from this port.

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10. New Mangalore port

It is the 7th largest and major port of India which is situated in Karnataka state of Arabian sea. It is also known as Panambur port.

Iron ores of Kudremukh mine are mostly exported from New Mangalore port, but apart from this fertilizer, edible oils, Polished granite stones, etc are also exports and imports.

11. Nhava Sheva - JNPT

It is the second-largest port of India which is also known as Jawaharlal Nehru port. JN port trust is situated in Navi Mumbai of Maharashtra. It was developed in 1989 to control traffic of Mumbai port. It is mostly developed for containers which control 40% of the total containers of India.

Textiles, carpets, pharmaceuticals, machinery, boneless meats, sports goods, etc are mainly exported from JNPT, while plastic, chemicals, vegetable oils, aluminium, etc mostly imported.

12. Ennore seaport

It is the only major private port in India, which is located in Tamilnadu state on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Ennore is also called Kamarajar port. It is far from ¹8 km of Chennai port. Automobiles, LPG, petro products, thermal coals, etc are the main trade of this port.

13. Port Blair seaport

It is the youngest and 13th major port of India which is situated in the Andaman sea of Andaman and Nicobar islands of India. It is located in the capital city Port Blair (South Andaman island). This port plays a vital role in South-East Asian countries. There are many types of goods exported and imported from Port Blair port to National and international.

Important Intermediate and minor Ports in India

  1. Okha - Gujarat
  2. Porbandar - Gujarat
  3. Veraval - Gujarat
  4. Surat - Gujarat
  5. Ratnagiri - Maharashtra
  6. Panaji - Goa
  7.  Alappuzha - Kerala
  8. Talashegi - Kerala
  9. Nagapattinam - Tamilnadu
  10. Machilipatnam - Andhra Pradesh
  11. Kakinada - Andhra Pradesh
  12. Kasaragod - Karnataka
  13. Rameshwaram - Tamilnadu
  14. Gopalpur - Orissa
  15. Kulpi - West Bengal

Importance of seaports of India

We all know that the waterway is the cheapest resource for transportation. Ports are important for stopping cargo and uploading and plating the goods and passengers. Seaports connect international trade to grow the economy of a country. 90% of the total international trading is done from the marine routes. Seaports also play a vital role in interlinking the state's trades of a country.

Major, intermediate, and minor ports are playing vital roles in international and national trade and commerce. All ports of India control a huge volume of traffic and containers. 

The sea ports of India map is created for a learning point of view and tries to show all major and important minor ports of India. It can be more helpful to increase your general knowledge.

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