Motivational stories have been a source of motivation from the beginning of humans because they always encouraged you to achieve your goals.
Each motivational story has some important values, which are always added value in our life. 
When you read any inspirational stories of a successful person, you find he was inspired by the true story of another. So you should also read the story of a successful person to change your perspective.

Motivational story

The Short Motivational Story may change your perspective. 

If you are frustrated with your work and you want to do better in which. You should always read motivational stories and watch motivational videos to change your mind. Here I shared three best motivational Stories for you, which may be helpful in your life.

1. More satisfaction can stop your growth.

A Painter lived in a small city, and he made an awesome inspiring painting. It also used to earn a passive income from it. He had a small son who tried painting from childhood. 

Son also created a wonderful painting and father used to be happy with the achievement of his son. But the father always excludes a mistake in his picture.

 He would say, son, you have made an amazing painting, but next time try to erase these mistakes. Son also does not complain and continues to improve his painting while implementing his father's advice.

Due to continuous improvement, son's painting started satisfying well even from father, and at one time it came that the painting of the son started selling more than the father's painting. 

While the father's painting was being sold at the earlier price. But father still used to remove faults in his son's painting, but the son did not like now, but still, he used to improve the painting. 

There was a time when his patience answered, when the father was advising him, he said that you are saying, as you make me a good painting. My painting is nice, I am satisfied with it. The father listened to the son and now he closed to give advice.

Boy was happy for some time, but he saw that people do not praise his painting as much as it used to before, and the cost of his painting has also diminished. 

Initially, he did not understand why this was happening. Then he went to his father and told him all the problems. The father listened to his son calmly as he knew from the beginning that one day it will come. 

Motivational story
Motivational story

Son also noticed this matter and asked if you knew that it would be like this? Father said yes because a few years ago, I too had collided with this situation. So the son asked why you did not explain. So the father told him because you did not want to understand.

I know that I do not make good paintings like you and it may also be that my advice about your picture is wrong. Still, it is not because of my opinion that your paintings have not been better, But when I used to tell you weaknesses in your arts, then you were not satisfied with your creativity and used to try to improve yourself better.

Trying to do the same thing was the reason for your success, but on the day you were satisfied with your work, and you also thought that there is no scope for doing better than this. People expect better from you, and this is the reason that people now reduce your praise, and the cost of your painting also does not grow.

The son continued silent for a while, then asked what I should do now? The father answered in a line. Learn to be dissatisfied and think that there is a scope for you to be better. This one thing will always inspire you and will always keep on making you better.

Moral of the story:

One thing to memorize here is that you need to be satisfied to get peace in life, but to be a successful person, you must learn to be dissatisfied.

2. "Courage helps till the last", A Inspiring short story on a positive attitude

Once upon a time, two cockroaches were slipped in a glass of milk. While trying to swim out, they could not get out, after some time one of them said that now it is not possible to get out, I can swim, but I can not float for long, and he gave up. 

Finally, he sunk in the glass and after some time he died. Second, the cockroach continued his efforts even after swimming, hoping that there would be a revelation in the hope that there would be no miracle. 
That is why he did not stop attempts to get out. Keep your foot running continuously. By running her feet continuously, she became a model of butter in milk, and she came out. 

If this had left the confidence too, then it would be like the earlier one. So you should not give up the courage till the last moment.

Moral of the story:

We can achieve goals from Hard labor, Self-belief, and Positivity.

3. A true motivational story of Abdulla khan," The passion" 

21 Year old Abdulla khan completed his education till 12th in Saudi Arabia, after that he came to India. He wants to do engineering from IIT Mumbai, but he can't get admission due to the lowest marks in JEE. 

After that he decided to take admission to B.E. of Computer science, then he joined the LR Tiwary engineering college of Mumbai.

That time about 10 lakh packages had been getting in Computer science streams.
But Abdulla's matter is different from others because he has a passion for CODING. He not only participated in college programming contests, Rather, wherever there were contests related to coding programming, but they would also reach there. Such as he participated in more than 150 contests. Due to his passion for codings, he famous on programming sites.

Suddenly, one day he got an email, through an officer of Google. In which email officer was written that I saw your profile on some programming sites and I want to give you a chance to join Google.

After the many stages of online interviews called him to the Landan office of Google for final selection. And finally, I provided him with an appointment letter. 60 thousand pounds as a basic salary, 15% bonus, and many other allowances are offered to him for 4 years, which was the above then one crore in Indian currency.

Moral of the story:

If you want to succeed in your life then you should read but You have to need, identify your passion and sink in that.

I hope that you might have liked these motivational stories. If yes, please leave a comment to encourage me to write a next motivational story.

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