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Motivational story|Motivation quotes for students|motivational speech

Motivational story, Motivation Quotes for students, motivational speech: As the accelerator plays the most important role in speeding up the vehicle, in the same way, motivation story or motivation quotes for students act as an accelerator to speed up success in a person's life. At the same time, motivation acts as an essential ingredient for living your life simple and successful. It has been said that,

Motivational story|Motivation quotes for students|motivational speech
"Motivational speech or Motivational story is an accelerator of our life." in other words we can say that "Motivational speech or Motivational story are powerful sources of energy which help you to achieve your goals."
Motivational speech, motivational story, and motivation quotes for students are helping students prepare for their exams, Employees can work as an essential ingredient in their ability to do their job and to increase the business ability of the businessman to make it successful. In this post, I am sharing some tips to motivate yourself.

        How To Works Motivation

Motivation meaning: Motivation is a group of psychological forces that affect your brain and force you to take it. Psychologists define inspiration as your general desire to do something.  In other words, it can be said that motivation is invisible energy which helps in enhancing your morale.         

How To Motivate YourSelf

You read the article or Motivation quotes related to motivation on WhatsApp, Facebook or other social media every day, but you keep on moving it forward. If you want to be always excited in your life, then you should also try to self-assimilate along with forwarding. It is not necessary that you adopt all, but follow the one who is related to you.
Motivational story|Motivation quotes for students|motivational speech
Many people struggle to find the motivation that they need to achieve their desired goals Because they are wasting too much time and energy on other parts of the process. If you want to get inspiration and easy to get started, Start it from the initial steps of your behavior.
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Increase your confidence-

          To achieve success in any field, confidence is the most important and sustainable of all the catalytic materials in the world. Confidence is morale that can change never to ever. Do the work you are engaged in with confidence.' Barry Davenport' has said that ''Minimum confidence is not a punishment of life, confidence can be learned, the practice can be practiced. When you get control over it, then all things in your life will start to change."
'Nicos Kantanjakis' has also said that "For success, it is important to first believe that we can do it."
Motivational story|Motivation quotes for students|motivational speech
Motivational story: Once, two cockroaches were dropped in a glass of milk. While trying to float out, they could not get out, One of them said that now it is not possible to get out, he has the power to swim but he can not swim for long and he gave up. Finally, he sunk in the glass and after some time he died. Second, cockroach continued his efforts even after swimming, hoping that there would be a miracle in the hope that there would be no miracle. That is why he did not stop attempts to get out. Keep your foot running continuously. By running her feet continuously, she became a figure of butter in milk and she came out. If this had left the confidence too, then it would be like the earlier one. So you should not give up the confidence till the last moment.

Take an interest in your talent work-

In today's time, most youths do not know their talents. There is no such person in the school or house with whom he can discuss his career of choice. In such a way, it starts imitating someone by seeing or influencing him, without understanding your interest.
The result is that wherever they could perform very well in the field of their talent or choice, at the same time, when they get out of time, compromising with the conditions, whatever job or work they get With that one becomes compelled to live life. In this case, any person starts to demotivate.
Motivational story|Motivation quotes for students|motivational speech
But in life, this saying is not fully implemented, "It is no use crying over split milk ."Because you must have listened that, "Better late than ever,, Therefore, whenever you are aware of your interest or talent, you must take part in your own skillful work while doing the work prior to that time. This will provide you lots of energy. Have you ever noticed that whenever work is found to be of interest to you, then you do it with different energy and you are engaged in doing it till you do it?The second example is, a student chooses to select topics that are most interested in them.
"The past can not be changed,
but the future is in your hands."

Do not be afraid of the problem-

      In the field of science, it is said that "necessity is the mother of invention." That means whenever a problem arises, there are new attempts to solve it and a new direction is found and a new invention is done.' Thomas Edison' tested more than 1000 materials for filaments in the invention of the bulb, but if no success was found, his colleague said that all your hard work was useless. So in response, Edison said that we have made a long journey and we learned that the use of these substances can not make a good filament. Then he engaged in his next attempt and found good filament. The meaning here is that you should act as a mistake even as positive, so the old mistake will not be repeated again. Nobody learns without any mistake. Go to your past and remember what you did and learned how to learn a bicycle.
"You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone,
Change begins at the end of Your comfort zone."

Live with person who motivate you-

You spend too much time with someone who always motivates you and tells you the right thing to do wrong and wrong things. When you live with such people, you also get into these types of qualities and your energy efficiency increases. If you do not like to live with someone, then in these situations you can choose an inspiration book as your partners.
Motivational story|Motivation quotes for students|motivational speech


       "The umbrella cannot stop the rain but it gives the courage to stand in the rain, so your friend is not a guarantee of success, But it gives the motivation to fight."

Always Motivate others-

This is a better way to keep yourself motivated that you always stimulate the people who see you in difficulties. When you motivate others, you have to motivate more than that, the result is that positive thinking inside you starts growing.    

The horse in the race does not know that what is actually a victory, they are running because of the trouble given by their boss. If there is any problem in life then understand that your boss wants to win you.

Participate in the seminar-

Large companies and organizations routinely motivate their workers to increase their production. Seminars are organized for this. Apart from this, seminars are organized from time to time by a very good motivator. If you are facing more problems, in such a situation, you do not have any more sense And you become nervous So you should attend the seminar. This increases your morale.
Always think about doing better
By always trying to improve, any person can make the path of success easier. Here I am sharing a motivation story. By which you will understand why it is necessary to always make efforts to do better.

Motivational story 
Motivational story|Motivation quotes for students|motivational speech
A painter lived in the city and she made a very beautiful painting. It also used to earn a good income from it, she had a small son. Son started painting since childhood. Son also used to make a very good painting and father used to be happy on the success of his son. But always the father removes any reduction in his painting. He would say, son, you have made a very good painting, but next time tries to overcome this shortcoming.

Motivational story|Motivation quotes for students|motivational speech
Son also does not complain and continues to improve his painting while implementing his father's advice. Due to continuous improvement son's painting started becoming good even from father and at one time it came that the painting of the son started selling more than the father's painting. While the father's painting was being sold at the earlier price. But father still used to remove faults in son's painting, But the son did not like the first, but still, he used to improve the painting. There was a time when his patience answered, when the father was advising him, he said that you are saying like you make me a good painting. My painting is fine, I am satisfied with it. The father listened to the son and advised the son and stopped taking the shortcomings.
The boy was happy for some time, but he saw that people do not praise his painting as much as it used to before and the cost of his painting has also diminished. Initially, he did not understand why this was happening. Then he went to his father and told his problem. The father listened to his son calmly as he knew from the beginning that one day it will come. Son also notices this matter and asked if you knew that it would be like this? Father said yes because a few years ago I too had collided with this situation. So the son asked why you did not explain. So the father said because you did not want to understand.
I know that I do not make good paintings like you and it may also be that my advice about your painting is wrong, But it is not because of my advice that your paintings have not been better, But when I used to tell you deficiencies in your paintings, then you were not satisfied with your painting and used to try to improve yourself better.
Trying to do the same thing was the reason for your success, but on the day you were satisfied with your work and you also assumed that there is no scope for doing better than this. People always expect better from you, and this is the reason that people now lessen your praise and the cost of your painting also does not increase.
The son remained silent for a while, then asked what should I do now? The father answered in a line Learn to be dissatisfied and assume that there is a scope for you to be better. This one thing will always inspire you and will always keep on making you better.
Note: One thing to remember here is that you need to be satisfied to get peace in life, but to be a successful person you must learn to be dissatisfied.

"The biggest sources of inspiration are your thoughts, so think big and motivate yourself to."

There is fluctuation in the life of every person. But if you want success then you have to develop the ability to fight with all the troubles that come in life. Every person of the world who has achieved a good status today has not achieved without the struggle. In their life too many failures took place, but these people did not give up, and constantly struggled and achieved success. If you also want to become a successful person then try to make failure to be a staircase, you will surely get success. Life is the name of the struggle. Nobody has gone ahead on this planet without a struggle.